hodgson range

The Hodgson Range

Location: Peak Range, Central Queensland

Article: Written by Michael Pugh; Imagery by Michael Pugh

Directions: Access is via private property

A stones throw away from Lords Table Mountain to the south lies the Hodgson Range.

Located in the central part of the Peak Range between Clermont and Dysart, the Hodgson Range is entirely on private property and access requires permission from the landowner.

This Central Qld Hike and Explore adventure is the first documented ascent & traverse of the Hodgson Range

There are no named peaks on the Hodgson Range, with the highest point being on the north-western side of the range at 750 metres above sea level.

The range is made up primarily of basalt rock with many impressive formations visible, particularly on the north side.

From elevated sections of the range, there are unique views of Lords Table Mountain to the north and Gilberts Dome (735m), Eastern Peak (635m), Charleys Peak (625m) and Browns Peak (805m) to the south-east.

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