Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I join the group on an adventure?

Townsville Hike and Explore uses our group Facebook and Meetup Channels to manage events and RSVP’s

Facebook Group Link:

Meetup Group Link:

Central Queensland Hike and Explore uses our group Facebook Channel to manage events and RSVP’s

Facebook Group Link:

Can I contribute to the Townsville Hike and Explore Website?

Of course! We would love to hear about your adventures! Please email a brief write up and a couple of pictures from your outdoor experience to us at and we’ll post it to our website and mention you as the author!

Please ensure you have written permission from everyone in your pictures to use their image prior to sending the pictures!

I really want to join you guys, but I’m not sure about my fitness level, capabilities or walking with a group?

Remember…..we all started somewhere! If you’re feeling nervous or uncertain about taking that first step, or joining us on your first walk, remember our group is built around members of all ages, fitness levels and capabilities. Feel free to contact Michael Pugh on 0491353524 who will be more than happy to recommend a walk that will be suiyable for you to begin with. We can also ‘pair’ you up with a walker of similar fitness level and capabilities for that extra support in helping you achieve your fitness goal!

Can I grab a GPX file or downloadable trail from one of your adventures?

Across our regions we continually hear of documented and undocumented instances of outdoor enthusiasts getting themselves into trouble by accessing downloadable content in the form of GPX/KML files and heading outdoors without adequate planning and preparation. In the interest of community safety and well being, we will not share such files or information with those that do not hike with us regularly.

Can I grab details of landowners or property owners from you guys if I want to go along on one of your adventures myself?

Unfortunately not. Michael Pugh has spent years building relationships with local and regional landowners who allow our group to access certain locations either through or via private property.

Private property access and landowners requests relating to access are of the utmost importance and are to be respected and obeyed with no exceptions.

Accessing certain areas is becoming more and more difficult due to the reckless and irresponsible sharing of detailed GPX files and downloadable content across local and regional websites/information sources which encourages trespass, vandalism and has unfortunately resulted in many local and regional adventuring spots being made ‘off limits’ to the public. Tragically we have also seen instances of the illegal and deliberate destruction and desecration of numerous sites of historical and cultural significance across our regions.

Report illegal entry and trespass to the Qld Police service (131 444) or Crimestoppers (1800 333 000)