Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Can I Join the Group on an Adventure?

Townsville Hike and Explore currently utilise the Facebook and Meetup Platforms to Manage Events and RSVP’s.

Facebook Group Link:

Meetup Group Link:

When will the website be ready?

We’re currently working on the Website and playing with some ideas. What you’re looking at now is only the beginning! We don’t intend the site to be fully up and running until mid 2020

Can I grab a GPX File or other downloadable trail from one of your adventures?

In the interest of community safety and well being, we will not share GPX/KML files with those that don’t hike with us regularly. Hiking and adventuring in remote locations can be dangerous for those that aren’t properly prepared, equipped and experienced.

Can I contribute to the Townsville Hike and Explore Website?

Of Course! Townsville Hike and Explore would love to hear about your adventures! If you send us a couple of pictures and a write up about your adventure, we’ll post it along with ours and mention you as the author! After all, we’re all about Community!

I really want to join you guys, but I’m not sure about my fitness level, capabilities or walking with a group?

We all started somewhere! If you’re feeling nervous about taking that first step, or joining us on your first walk, remember, our group is made up of members of all ages, fitness levels and capabilities. Feel free to contact Michael Pugh on 0491353524 and he will be more than happy to suggest a walk that will be suitable for you to start with. We can also ‘pair’ you up with a walker of similar fitness level and capabilities for that extra support in helping you achieve your fitness goals!