Australia Day Awards Ceremony

Australia Day 2020 was a significant day for the Townsville Hike and Explore Group.

Today we gathered at the Australia Day Awards Ceremony at Jezzine Barracks to celebrate a nomination I received in the category of “Community Volunteer” as the organiser of the Townsville Hike and Explore Group.

How wonderful it was to share this special day with family, friends, fellow adventurers and other nominees.


Congratulations to those who won awards, fellow nominees and to the Townsville City Council for organising the event.

I would like to thank those that put together the nomination – It means a lot to me knowing that what our group is all about means so much to all of you.

I would also like to thank those that help with planning and organising events for the group and the landowners that allow us access to hike and explore many of our favourite spots!

Thanks also to our partners and those that show an interest and support our social group in many ways.

Townsville Hike and Explore has built a community and our community continues to grow week by week as we organise outdoor events that are suitable for all ages, fitness levels and capabilities.

Our events range from Heart Foundation Walking Events which are a slow paced 45-60 minute walk along the strand for those starting their fitness journey, all the way to half day, full day, overnight and multi day hiking experiences exploring many of Townsville and Surrounds’ best kept secrets.

We are all looking forward to 2020 and the many adventures we’ll have, the friendship’s we’ll make and the fitness we’ll build, while giving back to our community by sharing our passion and structuring events so they appeal and are easily accessible to all those in our community who share an interest in what we do.


I’d ask everyone to spread the word about our group to family, friends and those in our community that have an interest in getting outdoors in a fun, friendly, engaging and supportive environment.

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