australia day 2022

Australia Day Award Nominations Across Northern & Central Queensland

We are proud to announce that the Townsville Hike and Explore Group has received 2 Australia Day Award nominations in the categories of:

1. Community Volunteer Award

2. Environmental Excellence and Sustainability Award

The Central Queensland Hike and Explore group has received a nomination in the category of:

1. Group Achievement Award

Michael Pugh has received 2 individual Australia Day Award Nominations in the Clermont/Isaac Region in the categories of:

1. Individual Achievement Award

2. Community Business Medallion Award

Both of these individual nominations mention & directly relate to building a social outdoor community in Central Queensland.

That’s a total of 5 group & individual nominations across North & Central Qld – We’re pretty damned proud of that.

Thank you to both the Townsville & Central Qld Hike & Explore communities, organisers, leaders & supporters with a special mention going to the Clermont community – you’re all amazing!

We’d love to to see you at either (or both) of the Townsville & Clermont Australia Day ceremonies – details can be be found on the Townsville City Council & Isaac Regional Council websites.

We look forward to attending both ceremonies & congratulate all other nominees & those that dedicate a good portion of their lives to volunteering & bettering our communities.

Give everything. Ask for nothing.

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