Recent Thursday Evening Hiking & Walking Memories!

Pallarenda to Shelly Cove

Another Thursday rolled around and the fresh and regular faces gathered at the park before heading  off on our way to the beach.

A beautiful fresh breeze joined us to keep us cool as we made our way on the short track before hitting the beach.
The view out to Magnetic Island, the sunset and the almost moon made for stunning photos.

Unfortunately due to the tides we weren’t able to make it all the way to Shelly Beach so we turned and walked back along the path and up along the Pallarenda beach before making our way back to our cars.

Mount Margaret

We set off, keen to reach the summit that we could see just at the the top of the rockslide. Stopping halfway up at the first lookout, two eager young men who practically jogged up, were the ones who caught the sun slipping behind the mountains.

After admiring the orange glow of the sky as well as the views we set off again, stepping carefully over the rocks to make our way up to the summit. The sky was so clear and we were able to see far to the coast, up north to the ranges and out towards the dam.

With the final glow of the sun leaving us we turned our headlamps on and made our way back down admiring how many stars we could see because of those clear skies.

Ross River Dam

After introducing the newbies as well as finally catching up again with some we havent since the lockdown started, we set off up the ramp before making our way along the wall.
We all spread out into smaller groups getting to know each other as well as finding out what hikes we’ve been on since we last saw each other.

We walked for 45 mins before it was time to pause and get comfortable for our food fest.
We snacked, laughed and patted the puppies until it was time to pack up and head back.
Unfortunately the sunset view wasn’t the best but the vista over the dam waters and mountains was still stunning.

It was great that the snakes were active on the way back to the start and we got to see a few different types in our spotlights. Some people saw them close up, and some from afar, very afar๐Ÿ˜†
It was lovely seeing you all. See you again next Thursday We were joined by a crew of mostly beginners to TH&E this evening, and was lead a lot of the way by our new youngest (5 years old!) hike leader ๐Ÿ˜.

It was great to meet you all to tackle one of the more advanced of the beginners hikes.

Ross River

It was a family and dog friendly gathering who met at Palmetum to loop around Ross River via Aplins Weir. 

We set off through the Palmetum to wind our way through Annandale along the river catching views of the sunset across the water.

Taking a short break at the Weir to all regroup we then head back on the Aitkenvale side of the river enjoying reflections of the night lights on the still water.

After making it back to the start point, 10 of us were able to forgo cooking dinner for the night and  catch up for dinner at Toms Tavern afterwards.

It it always great to catch up with everyone and see you all enjoying yourselfs and getting to know more people go on your next hikes with!

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