Australia Day Nomination

Townsville Hikers and Explorers,

A few days ago, I received notification that I have been nominated for a Townsville City Council, Australia Day Award in the category of Community Volunteer.

I am honoured and humbled to have received such a nomination and I thank all those concerned that were a part of putting this nomination together.

I started Townsville Hike & Explore for many reasons, including:

– I have a passion and appreciation for everything
outdoors, including the natural environment;

– I value a great friendship and mateship;

– I understand the importance of maintaining fitness and
living a healthy life;

– I love being involved in the community and giving back;

– I want to share my passion with as many of you as I possibly can!

Townsville Hike and Explore is about each and every one of you – whether you adventure with us once a week or once a year – you are all incredible.

Yes, I devote a lot of my spare time to our group but this is what I love doing, and I take great satisfaction and pride in seeing what many of you achieve, not only week by week but also over extended periods of time with our group.

Fun, Fitness, Friendship and Community – This is what our social group is all about. We’re not the most hardcore and crazy bunch – we leave that to others. Safety is of the upmost importance to our group but we still manage to have a heap of fun!

From our humble beginnings 18 months ago we have built a community – and our community continues to grow week by week with adventurers from all parts of our community and likeminded people that share similar interests and a love of what we do!

I invite any of our ‘hiking family’ that are free to join us on Sunday 26th January to attend the Awards Ceremony which will be held at 8:30am, Jezzine Barracks, The Strand.

Townsville Hike and Explore will continue to do what we do best in 2020.

Together, we will hike and explore the outdoors with a focus on the Townsville Region and promoting events suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Join our Group, Join our Adventures, Be a part of our Community.

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