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Terraces, Rockslides & Johnny Cash

Location: Bowling Green National Park

Article: Written by Michael Pugh; Imagery by Wes Graffin

On a humid January morning, 51 Townsville Hike and Explore adventurers set off to visit two of our favorite Bowling Green National Park wonders, The Terraces and Palm Creek Rockslides.

Access to the Terraces and Rockslides is though private property with permission of the landowner only.

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After a short visit to Black Rock, we crossed Princess Pool and gathered on the bank of the creek. We were treated to a performance by Townsville’s own Paul Mengersen, also known as Johnny Cash!

Given the size of the group, we avoided the Terraces creek line and hiked the bank extensively until the stunning Prince Falls came into view.

Our group leaders set about assisting 51 hikers to scale Prince Falls, the last obstacle before the Terraces. In true Townsville Hike and Explore fashion, with support, encouragement and assistance from walk leaders and fellow adventurers, everyone was given the opportunity to witness the splendor of the Terraces.

Townsville Hike and Explore has shared the outdoor experience with hundreds of outdoor adventurers at the Terraces over the past three years, but it’s always special to see the expression on the faces of our explorers when this spectacular terraced waterfall system comes into view for the first time.

After an extended break at the Terraces, we made our way back down the creek for some slip sliding fun at the Palm Creek Rockslides.

The Rockslides are always the perfect setting to finish off the day!

How to get there

Access to this hike is via private property with permission of the relevant landowners. As such, we cannot provide directions

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