The Terraces & High Camp

A cloudy and damp morning didn’t deter 16 adventurers as we hiked and explored two of the most beautiful points of interest in the Bowling Green National Park – The Terraces & High Camp!

We set off early and stopped for some pictures at Black Rock, before hiking on trail to Princess Pool, where we headed off trail and rock hopped up one of the many unnamed creek lines that flow into St Margarets Creek.

The millipedes were thick and nasty, the terrain damp & slippery as we gained elevation hiking this pristine creek line.

After a break at Prince Falls, we reached the Terraces soon after. As per usual, the group was in awe of the Terraces – this massive terraced waterfall is arguably the best waterfall feature in the National Park.

Some chose to stay at the Terraces for a swim and extended break, but the majority of the group pushed on towards High Camp.

It was a tough slog between The Terraces and High Camp. There are a couple of diversions around massive waterfalls and impassible creek sections that we marked on the way up to Mount Elliot, nearly 2 years ago, however these diversions have only been used once last year by our group, and required a little maintenance along the way!

As me made our way out onto High Camp at around 12.30pm, it was evident by the looks on the faces of our hikers and explorers that the effort was well worth the reward.

High Camp Views are something you have to see yourself to believe! I have visited High Camp many times, however this was the first time there was low cloud about and an overcast sky above. This made for a different experience altogether and the views, although cloudy, were pristine!

After a shortened break due to the weather starting to close in and light showers evident, we headed off on the return journey! Fortunately, the rain stayed away and we were faced with only light drizzle on the way back to pick up our friends from The Terraces.

After a visit to the Rock Slides, we made our way on trail back to the starting point in the late afternoon.

Although it was a big day, I’m sure everyone would agree that the High Camp experience was one of the best this year so far!

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