Townsville Hike and Explore and Learn Leadership at Frederick Peak

Written by Jo Hurford

Photography by Jo Hurford

The first hike I ever did with Michael was Fred’s. This was long before he set up Townsville Hike and Explore over two years ago. It instantly became my favourite hike in the region.

On my most recent ascent up Fred’s I tagged along on a Learn Leadership Active Learning Session about managing the ups and downs of motivation. Looking at the sky throughout the day of the hike I did consider bailing. I had particular photos in mind that I wanted to capture and the weather was not heeding my requests to clear.

But I love Fred’s as a hike. It always delivers amazing views and photography opportunities no matter what the weather, and that was enough motivation for me to not bail. No clear skies but on the way up, Fred’s soaked up the golden light of sunset. At the summit, Townsville twinkled below while moon beams sliced through a sliver of clouds and on the way down under torchlight the full moon’s halo created a moody aura.

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