Ross Dam Sunset Walk

Written by Sandra Lamari

 In my 25 years of being in Townsville I had never really walked the dam wall and I’ve definitely never done it at sunset. Oh. My. Goodness!!! It was a feast for my EYES!

Seven of us met in the car park before we set off up the ramp turning right to walk the 6km return trip along the wall. Plenty of rock wallabies were out to pose for photos but our attention was quickly drawn to swapping between the view towards the mountains and back over the water.

As the sun set there were rays of light shining through the clouds and it seemed like the colours were changing minute by minute.

We kept a safe Corona distance from each other but we were still able to chat and catch up on what we’d been up to since we all saw each other. We also got a good look at Round Mountain to decide how many of us would take on the Sunday hike up (personally I highly recommend it).

To make sure everyone was still glancing at the track every now and again, at around the turning point the crew came across a couple of keelback snakes!

As I was going through my gallery of the photos I took tonight, honestly, I kept pretty much most of them! It was so colourfully beautiful. The green of the grass and trees, to the darker blues of the mountains of the Pinnacles, the grey of the clouds then the bright yellows, oranges, pinks and reds of the sun going down. I could barely take my eyes off the view.

This was a real pleasure of a walk. Next time we go it will be worth your while to come along and bring your camera.

To top off a cracker of an evening we made it back down and home in time to see the Cowboys beat the Bulldogs!! 

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