Central Queensland 90-100km Hike in support of Cancer Council Queensland

After the incredible & overwhelming support last year from our Clermont, Townsville & extended communities for the “Central Qld Cancer Charities Hike” in which we hiked 71.2km across the Drummond Range in 19.23 hours & raised $8266.40 for the Cancer Council Qld, Wes & I will raise the bar even higher this year & set ourselves an even bigger challenge of hiking 90-100km across the Peak Range in Central Queensland. This event is based out of Clermont.

Across the weekend of 28/29 May, in an effort to continue to increase awareness & raise much needed funds for the Cancer Council Queensland, we will attempt to hike the entirety of the rugged, remote, beautiful & volcanic Peak Range, totally cross country & off trail.

From the impressive Gemini Peaks & Wolfang Peak in the north, to the breathtaking Lords Table Mountain in the central section of the range, to the monstrous Scotts & Ropers Peaks in the South, we will hike past just about every named & unnamed peak in the range, finishing near my favourite peak, Mount Macarthur.

Depending on the conditions & terrain, we may choose to hike this continuously, but may also choose to stop for a breather at the halfway mark Saturday afternoon/early evening, then set off again to complete the remainder of the hike early Sunday morning, finishing Sunday afternoon/early evening.

In any case, barring injury or other unforeseeable circumstances, our goal is to hike 90-100km. The terrain will be challenging & everything you’d expect from an off trail 90-100km bush bash with an elevation change of roughly 1000m along the trail I have designed using satellite imagery & other software.

Please support our efforts by SPREADING THE WORD, SHARING our event & MAKING A DONATION to our event!

**This hike is entirely on private property & has required permission & support from 10 different landowners, which we are extremely grateful for**

Hike Details (First 50km)

We will set off in the early hours of Saturday Morning (28/5/22) from near Mount Castor of the Gemini Mountains, the northernmost Point of the Peak Range.We will hike past the Gemini Peaks, before turning SE & heading for Wolfang Peak which we will pass to the east.From Wolfang, we hike cross country in a SE direction before turning east towards Mount Donald, then south towards Lords Table Mountain.By the time we reach Lords Table Mountain, we would have clocked up approx 45-50km

Hike Details (50km – 100km)

From Lords Table Mountain, we will hike east, then turn SE, traversing the stunning central section of the Peak Range. We will pass the Hodgson Range, Gilberts Dome, Charleys Peak, Browns Peak & Eastern Peak to name a few, before heading south towards Calverts Peak.Passing to the east of Calverts Peak, we will traverse the southernmost extremities of the Peak Range, eventually ending up to the east of Scotts Peak, Ropers Peak & Malvern Hill.When we hit Lowestoff Road, this will be the southernmost point of the hike & our turnaround point.From Lowestoff Road, the final leg will see us hike NW, before heading for the finish point on Cothersone Road near the spectacular Mount Macarthur.

What is our motivation to hike 90-100km?

To increase awareness & raise funds for a cause that has touched many of our lives either directly or indirectly. Last year, our hike was dedicated to the late Councillor Lyn Jones of Clermont & her fierce & determined battle with cancer. This year we are again dedicating this event to the late Councillor Jones & each & every person who has been touched by this horrible disease. Our families, friends, loved ones; every single person across our communities who has felt pain & experienced loss associated with Cancer – we are doing this for you.

How can you support us / be involved?

DONATE – Donate to our event by following the link: https://www.doitforcancer.com.au/…/central-queensland…

CHECK OUT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR UPDATES: https://www.facebook.com/Hike4CCQ

SPONSOR US – You can become involved as an event sponsor. Please call Michael Pugh on 0491353524 to find out more.

FOLLOW US – Across the weekend, when in signal, we will post updates & stats.

JOIN US – On Sunday 29th, we are gathering for a dinner at the Commercial Hotel in Clermont at 6pm. This will be a chance for those who have donated, sponsored & supported the event to join us for a meal at the conclusion of the hike!

Event Details

Belinda (Cancer Council Central Qld) – 07 3634 5135

Michael Pugh – 0491353524

Trail Maps & Information


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