family fun day gorge rope loop falls

Renee’s Family Hike and Swims (Gorge/Rope/Loop Falls)

Location: Paluma Range National Park

Article: Written by Renee ; Imagery by Renee and Clair

Directions: Access is via Pace Road (-19.082 146.380)

Our family friendly event was held on a beautiful warm day, with lots of butterflies flying around with us.

Our group was made up of about 13 adults plus kids. We met a few lovely families.

Some people ventured up to the higher waterhole while we chilled out, basking in the sun with the kids playing on the rocks.

This is an easy walk for families with some protective shade along the way & interesting terrain as we crossed a little creek, clambering over boulders & rocky pathways in the rainforest sections.

Here are my pics from today’s Family Hike to Gorge Falls, some of us did venture on further from the main group to Rope Falls before meeting back with the main group just before the end of the trail.

Thank you to everyone who helped organise the hike. It was a great morning out…bet there are some tired kids out there this arvo!

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