Roly West, Rockledge Pool & Melaleucas

A big part of what Townsville Hike and Explore is all about involves lending a hand, giving back and improving trails and outdoor adventure options for our greater outdoor community. Those who regularly follow our group will know we are currently working to re-open numerous trails in the Paluma Range National Park and surrounding areas. Most of these trails are in disrepair, overgrown and haven’t been used since before Cyclone Yasi in 2011. Personally, I am also designing and mapping additional trails, both extensions of current trails as well as some brand spanking new trails, so the everyday adventurer can visit some new points of interest and locations in our region. In the long-term, I hope this will add some variety and additional value to our current trail and adventure options.

Keep in mind though, the majority of these trails are extremely remote, a good portion accessible only via private property and as such, I would encourage anyone interested to come along to a group event with fellow experienced hikers and explorers to visit these areas in the first instance. Most recently, we have re-opened a section of trail from the lower sections of Ollera Creek all the way to within a stones throw of Circle View Mountain – One of the most scenic, rewarding and enjoyable walks in that particular section of the National Park.

This particular adventure saw us exploring the lower and mid reaches of the Roly West Branch, adjacent creeks, tributaries and country while undertaking trail maintenance which I hope will eventually allow easier access to overnight and multi day hike options in the area. This is sure one of the best areas to hike and explore in our region!

There are numerous points of interest along the Roly West Branch and adjacent creeks and tributaries that will certainly appeal to those that enjoy a good remote rock hopping and creek line adventuring experience.

Stunning, icy cold rainforest streams of all shapes and sizes and stunning melaleucas pushing through the canopy of a rocky, dry creek bed were my highlights of the day.

We explored endless waterfalls, cascades, terraces, swimming holes and everything else you’d expect while exploring remote creek lines deep inside the elevated sections of the National Park. On this occasion, we explored points of interest including Rockberg Pool, Eel Pool and Rockledge Pool along the way. It is also evident, as we find in similar areas, that the February monsoon event last year has severely damaged sections of the rainforest, canopy and creek lines in the mid and upper reaches of this section of the Paluma Range National Park.

Keep an eye out for updates as we put in the hard yards to re-open trails for the benefit of the greater outdoor community. If anyone’s keen to assist, please reach out via Facebook.

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