Big Rock

Location: Paluma Range National Park, North Queensland

Article: Written by Michael Pugh; Imagery by Wes Graffin

Big Rock is a massive rock formation overlooking the Hencamp and Ollera Creek Valleys in the Paluma Range National Park, north of Townsville.

The formation is on the northern ridgeline of Circle View Mountain and is culturally significant to traditional owners, the Nywaigi people, so should not be climbed or disturbed in any way.

Big Rock is best accessed using the Ollera Creek Trail, however this trail begins on private property and you must have permission of the landowner.

From near Spurling Lookout, we bushed bashed our way southeast. As we gained elevation, we explored numerous rock formations which offer superb views across the Ollera Creek Valley.

Big Rock is at an elevation of 572 metres and offers unique views across the Hencamp and Ollera Creek Valleys, as well as the north Queensland coastline between Balgal Beach and Mutarnee.

Although only a twelve-kilometre hike, the terrain is steep, exposed and challenging with countless areas of thick vegetation to navigate through.

An alternate adventure would be to descend from Big Rock and hike out via Hencamp Creek or continue along the ridge to the summit of Circle View Mountain and hike out via Ollera Creek. Both options would require traversing private property. 

How to get there

Access to this hike is via private property with permission of the relevant landowners. As such, we cannot provide access information.


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