Our Saturday Western Ridge Sunset Adventure

Thirty Townsville Hike & Explore Community members of all ages, fitness levels and capabilities set off late on a Saturday afternoon to visit a spot on the western ridge lines of Mount Cleveland to witness what I expected was going to be a sunset to remember over Bowling Green Bay, looking back towards Townsville and surrounding areas.

On a mid week adventure a couple of weeks prior, a couple of us had discovered the perfect sunset spot, at approx 300 metres elevation and I was determined to organise a group event so others could share in this experience.

The highlight of this adventure (other than the sunset of course!), was what I’ll call “Butterfly Valley” – as we hiked through some loose rocky and vine country, covered by Australian Hoop Pine (Araucaria cunninghamii) close to the end point, we were in awe as the valley came alive with thousands of Blue Tiger Butterflies (Tirumala hamata). You had to be there to appreciate just how special this was!

Blue Tigers are mostly a tropical butterfly and can be seen nearly all year round in North Queensland. They are migratory and fly south during spring and summer reaching southern Queensland, NSW and even Victoria.

The group was at the planned end point well before sunset and we were not dissapointed! Take a look at the pictures below and marvel at what was the perfect Tropical North Queensland Sunset!

The trip down under headlamp was something else! This group of avid adventurers lit up the western ridge lines of Mount Cleveland like a Christmas Tree – again, a sight you’d have to see to believe!

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