Jim’s Favourites # 1 – Crystal Creek Rock Hop

Written by: Jim Fitzgerald

Crystal Creek Rock Hop Level 1

We all have a serious personal responsibility to observe Covid19 protocols and these protocols need to be taken into account and thoroughly discussed before embarking on any activity.


HIKE: Crystal Creek Rock Hop & Spas


TIME: 3 to 6 hours


TRACK GRADING: 4. Unformed track. Many obstacles, slippery rocks, deep water, small water falls. For experienced bush walkers.


Land of the Nywagai people.

Drive to the Mango Tree Carpark, 2km past the Crystal Creek Camping area on Speigelhauer Road. Mozzie Heaven!!!!

Walk along the roadway from the Mango Tree Carpark to the Cloudy Creek causeway. 3km. 45mins easy walk.

Rock hop down 150m along Cloudy Creek (Right-hand side looking downstream) to beautiful a water fall (No Jumping. There is a shallow ledge below it) & pool for a swim.

Scramble past the huge boulders to Crystal Creek.

Rock Hop, swim, wade, splash, float, scramble, climb, slide and rock hop heaps more for about 3km until the water-slides creek comes down to Crystal Creek.

There is also access to the road way about 2.5km down stream, where the big pipes come down to Crystal Creek.

This Rock hop could take 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, 5 hours depending on how much time is spent sitting in little waterfall spas or picnicking in a pool.

Rock hop up the water slides creek to the road and walk 50m to the Mango Tree Carpark

There is no phone coverage.

The usual need for responsible hiking is required. Let someone know where you are. Send them a photo from the summit. Take drinking water, snacks (Picnic?) Sun and insect protection..

Post some photos if you do this wonderful local hike.


Please take:

Water proof dry bags

(I always triple bag valuables like First Aid kits, car keys & wallets)

3l drinking water & drink at least 2l



Sun Protection

Sturdy Footwear that can get wet. Footwear you can swim & wade in. (If your footwear can’t get wet you will spend your time in the scrub on the bank or removing and replacing your boots dozens of times).

Clothing that can get wet such as rash vests and board shorts

Dry change of clothes at your car.

FA / Snake Bight kit




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