Frederick Peak Master Class & A Full Moon

On a recent visit to one of our favorite spots in the Pinnacles, Frederick Peak, three lucky adventurers witnessed one of the most beautiful sunset and full moon events to date.

The conditions were perfect. We were not only treated to the usual, breathtaking views Frederick Peak and the Pinnacles offer, but also a full moon rising over Bowling Green National Park and a sunset to rival the best of them, and believe me we have seen some beauties from atop Fred’s!

This adventure was Kaitlyn and Chrystie’s first visit to this local treasure, and they were both in awe of what this point of interest, right on our doorstep has to offer. There’s something really special about this spot and those of you that have summited Fred’s will know exactly what I mean.

Hiking out of the Pinnacles during the early evening and watching these massive rock formations change color as the sun sets is something you have to see to believe. It gets better each time, if that’s possible…

A multi colored Bum Bag was a new addition to the hiking attire of one adventurer! Believe it or not, this multi colored masterpiece came in handy when a band-aid was needed, rather than having to empty out an entire pack and find a first aid kit! This new trend will no doubt take off within the hiking community in no time…….! 🙂

Frederick Peak, we’ll be seeing you again soon!

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