Douglas Hills Sunset & Storm Walk

Written by Sandra Lamari

This afternoon, a keen group of Townsville Hike and Explorers took the JCU trail to the top to see if we could capture a few sunset snaps.

Whilst the day was warm, there was a cool breeze to accompany us up the 500 steps and on to the summit. Halfway up the Douglas Hills we could hear the thunder rolling in from behind Mount Stuart and with a quick check of the radar we confirmed a nice cell was coming in from the west.

We quickened our pace to the top and were able to grab some great pics of the storm coming over Mount Stuart.

As the city is desperate for rain, the hikers were keen for the storm to make it over the range and it looked promising! We all made it back down with only a few drops of light rain starting to fall.

What a great hike. It was lovely to see you all again and welcome all the new faces to the group.

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