Cascades Hike & Swims

17 Intrepid Hikers and Explorers set off on a warm December Sunday morning to visit a remote section of the Bowling Green National Park.

Given we had a large group, as usual, we erred on the side of safety and tailored the hike to suit weather conditions and group dynamics.

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We made a dash for Black Rock and the first thing we noticed is how desolate and dry the lower country is at the base of the National Park. I take my hat off to the landowners in the area that fight their way through the dry seasons, year in and year out.

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Given this is arguably the driest time of the year, I was again surprised at the water levels in the lower reaches of Saint Margaret’s Creek. We can plan and schedule hikes at this time of year but in the end, the distance and time we can hike safely as a group, in a day is reliant on how much water is present in the numerous creek lines in the areas.

We stopped for a swim at Princess Pools to the delight of the group and found the water levels to be arguably not much different from the last time we visited this section of the National Park in October.

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We passed the Rock Slides and followed the upper reaches of one of the many creek lines towards the Cascades.

This is the first time I have hiked this creek line since before the floods in February and the changes in the creek lines and the natural water course are evident at numerous places, as is the erosion on the creek banks.

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Dodging Red Belly Black Snakes and the odd Brown Snake thirsty for a drink by the creek, we navigated our way up the creek and gained elevation – the rock hopping skills of some of our members, particularly a few of the new faces were impressive!

Group dynamics and timing saw us pull up stumps for lunch at the base of the falls below the Cascades and make our way back.

We stopped at the Rock Slides for an extended swimming, slip and slide and afternoon tea break with a beautiful breeze accompanying us nearly all the way back to Black Rock.

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The walk out in the low country was warm and I could see a few adventurers’ eyes light up when the cars came into sight!

Another stunning day in the great outdoors with an awesome group of like minded adventurers.

A day of Fun, Friendship, Fitness, Jokes and Laughter while hiking and exploring one of our many hidden treasures.

A big Welcome to our new faces that joined us on this adventure, as well as our regular crew! You guys are awesome!

Join Townsville Hike and Explore on our next adventure!

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