Bullocky Tom’s Birthday Hike

Written by Rhett Stubbs

When you bring together a group of people each having a love of hiking, a spirit for adventure, something special happens….the awkward moments of silence start to fill with conversation, the ‘how are you going’ questions open up to rich stories of past adventures, laughter takes shape as funny moments are shared, and before long individual actions of enjoyment soon become those shared and experienced by a group. Thats the dynamic of group hikes… the making of special and memorable moments which bring people together for fun, fitness, friendship and community.

On Saturday of last week, 28 Townsville Hikers and Explorers came together to trek within one of the best locations North Queensland has to offer, Paluma Range National Park, along a trail that is as a legendary as the person it is named after. Carved by Andrew Thomas in 1887 the track was once the main supply route in and out of the Tin Mines up at Paluma until a second track was carved by his rival Robert Foxlee.

Saturday’s walk entered the Paluma rainforest from the dam, visiting Wilfred’s Lookout, Thorsen’s Rock Garden and Big Crystal Creek falls before moving onto the historic pack horse trail of Bullocky Toms track for a 1000m steep descent, numeroud creek crossings, a visit to Gold Creek Falls, lunch at a lookout and examinjng first nation rock ar. Bullocky Tom’s track offers one heck of an adventure and is worth every minute. To a passionate hiker and explorer it offers a rich love experience.

This hike was also scheduled to celebrate one of our special regulars birthday! Hope you enjoyed the day Kaz!

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