Wulguru Hills Sunset Walk

Written by Sandra Lamari

Wulguru Hills were on the menu and once again we all met in the carpark at BP. It was going to be a small group tonight and we quickly introduced ourselves.

Three of us coming had never attempted Wulguru before, a few had only been once and a couple of us had been several times. We carpooled to the start of the walk, liberally applied mozzie spray and set off.

We made the quick detour to the usual lookout near the tank and the first thing we all noticed was just how green Townsville was! How quickly things change after some rain.

We set off again on our way to the summit. At about half way up some of our crew, having made it further than they had previously, made the wise decision to stop rest and return back down. They have made great improvements in their fitness in such a short amount of time and no doubt they will be staying with us all the way to the top very soon.

The grass, now quite green was also thick and along with the cloud cover making it darker we had to put on our headlamps earlier than we usually would to find the track up.

After we made it to the top, one of us for the first time 😁, we shone our torches back and forth to the rest of the crew who has stopped and rested half way before coming back down ourselves.

I was very brave and protected everyone from the insanely large sized toads we came across, never once squealing or leaping or frightening the other walkers when I did. 😬☺

All ten of us did an amazing job last night and I can’t wait to see you all again next Thursday!

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