Upper Crystal Creek Falls Hike

With above average temperatures forecast in and around the Paluma Range National Park, we weren’t sure how far we would hike and if we’d be able to safely reach our goal of the Upper Crystal Creek Falls – Would we have to turn back and settle for a swim in the Dam?

We gathered at the Paluma Dam and were joined by 25 adventurers, some who had made the trip from Ingham and Ayr to join the group on this fun filled day hiking and exploring a couple of our favourite spots in the area!

Seasonal streams were flowing as we made our way from the Dam to Wilfred’s Lookout where we stopped for some group photos and spectacular views over the range. Jim addressed the group and shared some of his knowledge and the significance of the area in which we were walking to Traditional Owners.

Torsten’s Rock Garden was impressive as always and as we made our way from the rock garden to the falls, we were met by a cool breeze in a few spots, much to the relief of the group.

Personally, I have never seen the upper reaches of Paluma as warm as it was today.

Water levels at Upper Crystal Creek Falls were higher than usual after the recent rains, and the shaded swimming hole above the falls was where the group stopped for lunch, swims and a much-needed break!

The hike back was quicker, given we bypassed the lookout and rock garden. A swim in the cool water of the Paluma Dam turned out to be a great finish to the day for some weary adventurers!

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