Cape Cleveland Saturday Sunset

The Western ridgelines and adjacent country are becoming a popular hiking spot for the Townsville Hike and Explore Group.

Sunsets and sunrises are spectacular from this elevated section of the Bowling Green National Park and there has been huge interest from our outdoor community in visiting the area, particularly a couple of lookouts on top of rock formations we discovered while hiking a few months ago.

On this occasion, we arrived to find the low country had burnt recently, which made for some easier hiking than usual, given the grass wasn’t 6 foot high! As we made our way to nearly 300 metres elevation, it was apparent the elevated sections of the ridgelines had also burnt in some areas.

This made for some unique photography opportunities for the group, the burnt terrain against the setting sun was the perfect vista and a delight to many! We have numerous other points of interest and locations ideal for sunsets and sunrises marked in the surrounding area – be sure to keep an eye out for our next Cleveland sunset adventure!

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