Nigel @ Triple Falls Creek

Written by: Nigel Harper

Hello out there to all you fellow hikers, what another fabulous day of social distancing, I have been lucky enough to have a few days off work with my wife, not to be put off by the current situation, we have managed to get out and enjoy the fresh air, first was a trip to the town common to tackle Many Peaks, but today we decided to tackle the Triple Falls Creek walk at Paluma.

This was our first time and we weren’t disappointed. We arrived at the village at 9.30 and were met by the smell and crisp fresh air of the rainforest. We managed to locate the start of the track and ventured on, obviously the social distancing didn’t apply to the leeches and mosquitos, they were very friendly as my wife found out…

We finally reached the rope descent, my wife wasn’t all that keen on the idea, but she took the challenge and did a fantastic job, after taking many photos and having lunch it was time to head back, wow… we underestimated the hike back up, but were glad when we finally reached the car.

All in all this was another great day of hiking and exploring, my wife has already suggested we head back up on the weekend and tackle the Ethel Creek walk.

Happy hiking everyone, stay safe and get out there

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