Running River Gorge (Saturday Event)

Over 2 days in June, Townsville Hike and Explore planned, organised and ran two separate events, with close to 100 hikers and explorers visiting the stunning Running River Gorge, Running River Falls, Puzzle Creek and Puzzle Creek Falls.

The weather was looking ominous on both days, but we were lucky enough to get close to two full days hiking and exploring in one of the most beautiful spots in our region.

This was one of our groups biggest weekends to date and was an example of how a properly planned and organised weekend can be safely run to share the outdoor experience with fellow adventurers of all ages, fitness levels and capabilities.

Over 2 days, we organised and led 5 groups, totalling nearly 100 people. Planning, organising and running large scale social outdoor events visiting some of the most picturesque and scenic places our region has to offer is Townsville Hike and Explores specialty.

Well done to each and every one of you who joined us over the weekend, and a big thanks to those who assisted me in leading the groups and making this weekend another Townsville Hike and Explore adventuring weekend to remember!

Here are some pictures and memories from our SATURDAY event.

Thanks to Jo Hurford for the amazing photography!

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