Nigel @ Many Peaks

Written by: Nigel Harper

Good morning adventurers!

After reading Jim Fitzgerald’s guide to the Many Peaks trail, my wife and I decided we would get out into the fresh air.

After a successful early morning hunting trip ( hunting for toilet paper ) we decided to tackle the trek for the first time. We arrived at the start about mid morning and were met with a beautiful sea breeze. We found the start of the track very easily, clearly the council had done a bit of track clearance, but after 500m we hit the grass, about face height for us short people! I think we digested a kilo of grass seed between us.

We continued onward and upward. After getting through the grass we entered the cool shaded part of the track. It was very rocky underfoot and there were many photo opportunities – the area is so green at the moment.

We didn’t quite make it to Mt Marlow, but maybe we will start from the Freshwater car park next time. All in all this was a good testing walk, we would recommend wearing gaiters for the grassed areas of the track and plenty of bug spray. The mozzies were in plague proportion…..stay safe all, see you on the other side.

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