Mount Prince Charlie

West of Townsville near the Mingela State Forest is Mount Prince Charlie. (Mount Prince Charlie is on private property and access is strictly with permission of the landowner only).

Nestled between the Reid and Haughton River systems, this impressive western peak stands at 393 metres elevation and offers the adventurer stunning views of the surrounding grazing country and numerous geographical points of interest including the Mingela State Forest, Reid and Haughton Rivers, Mount Sugarloaf (533m) and The Bluff (546m). The highest points of the Bowling Green National Park are clearly visible in the distance to the north east.

It’s a steep climb to conquer this peak with sections of small, loose rock to be negotiated before the terrain changes from rocky and loose underfoot to lightly vegetated and dotted with grass tree (Xanthorrhoea) closer to the summit.

Clinging to a shaded rock formation near summit level was a giant Staghorn Fern (Platycerium superbum) This was the first of its kind I’ve come across while hiking an exposed western peak.

There are countless, impressive rock formations and spurs close to the summit which invite the adventurer to investigate, however care must be taken as the integrity of the rock is questionable in some parts.

I’m looking forward to venturing further west in the coming months to hike and explore some of our western regions remote and beautiful points of interest.

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