A Smoky Hervey Range Sunset at Frederick Peak

Written by Hilary Bell

Frederick Peak is one of my favorite hikes in Townsville. The spectacular 360° view of Townsville, from beyond the northern beaches to the Dam and Bowling Green National Park makes Frederick Peak truly a hiker’s paradise so close to the city. It’s great for a mid-week or half day hike!

Frederick Peak is located in the Pinnacles National Park, just a short drive from Townville. It is the second highest peak within the four peaks of the ‘The Pinnacles’ on the Townsville horizon. The hike is primarily on a rugged rocky track. The trail is partially marked, but still requires a bit of bush bashing. On the way up, there are some wonderful views of the city to enjoy before making your way to the top. The last few hundred meters before reaching the summit are a bit tricky, requiring some boulder hopping to maneuver over and around large rocks on uneven ground. However, the absolutely stunning 360° views and breathtaking sunset definitely made the hard work worth the effort. 

Overall, Frederick Peak was difficult but manageable if you’re prepared properly with the right gear and allow for enough time. The entire hike took about 5 hours and was about a 4.5km roundtrip. Be careful of snakes! We spotted a few… and maybe even stepped a bit too close to a couple of them. Keep in mind, if you decide to do this hike, make sure you plan accordingly to allow enough time and take the appropriate gear (e.g. headtorch, 2L water, first aid kit, etc.) to safely conquer the Peak.

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